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Summer Butterflies & Other Insects


The intricate patchwork of scrub, meadows and marshes at Coltleigh is home to a superb variety of butterflies and other insects.  On this morning’s walk, we will explain why so many species thrive here and look for a range of seasonal specialities.

Butterfly abundance peaks in July, with the beautiful Marbled White and Silver Washed Fritillary on the wing in quantity. Dragonflies present may include Golden-ringed and Keeled Skimmer, whilst other fascinating insects present include the rare Western Bee Fly and the fascinating Bee Wolf along with hoverflies such as the Bumblebee Plumehorn and Yellow-barred Peat.

Date and Time:  9am Sunday 26th June 2022

Location: Meet at the Coach House at Mapperton.

Schedule: Introductions then 5 minute drive up to Coltleigh Farm

Duration: 2.5 hour Guided Walk with Peter Forest

Tickets: £30 per person 

Peter Forrest

With twenty years experience managing nature reserves around Britian, including fifteen years spent with the Kent Wildlife Trust, Peter was heavily involved with the first authorised release of European Beavers anywhere in the UK, which took place on the reserve that he managed for the Kent Wildlife Trust. Since returning to Dorset, Peter has been actively involved with many local groups concerned with the conservation and observation of plants and wildlife. He is on the committee of Dorset Moth Group; heavily involved in the Dorset Flora group – including data collection for the distribution of plants around Dorset; Dorset Bird Club, also assisting them with the creation of the annual Dorset Bird Report and he is a founder member of the recently formed Bridport Bird Club.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your Wildlands booking unless the weather forces cancellation. We also cannot guarantee the weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature can unpredictable, despite our best efforts! However there’s always plenty of wildlife to see.

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