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Wildlands & Woodlands: An Extended Tour

TOUR Details

Nature is now taking the leading role shaping the landscape at Coltleigh, with the removal of intensive sheep grazing and the re-introduction of extensive grazing by large herbivores. This is an opportunity to take an extended walk through this rewilding landscape, discussing the project and visiting ancient woodland, scrub, marsh and various agriculturally unimproved grassland types; neutral, acidic or calcareous in character.

April Highlights

Amongst insects to be encountered; the nationally scarce Western Bee-fly should be on the wing, whilst marshy areas will have plenty of Orange-tip butterflies and hoverflies. We will see a wide variety of flowers, with Cowslips in profuson. We stand a good chance of sweeping views of Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Brown Hare. Bird life will be plentiful, with a chance of Garden Warbler and lesser Whitethroat sightings.

Date and Time: 9am Sunday 10th April 2022

Location: Meet at the Old School Hall in Mapperton Village (DT8 3NR)

Schedule: Introductions then 5 minute drive up to Coltleigh Farm

Duration: 4 hour guided walk with Dr Tom Brereton

Tickets: £45 per person

Dr Tom Brereton 

Tom is a highly experienced ecologist with a lifelong interest in natural history.  He has an MSc in Conservation and a PhD in Butterfly Ecology.  Tom has worked for the Northumberland Wildlife Trust as an RSPB Warden and Reserves Ecologist, as Associate Director of Research at Butterfly Conservation, and more recently as co-founder of Marinelife, monitoring cetaceans and seabirds in Lyme Bay.   Tom is currently a Visiting Researcher at Exeter University, as well as an ecotourism guide, leading bird, butterfly, mammal and botanical tours across the Europe, Asia and North America.  Tom lives locally in Bridport.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your Wildlands booking unless the weather forces cancellation. We also cannot guarantee the weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature can unpredictable, despite our best efforts! However there’s always plenty of wildlife to see.

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